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The Earth She Weeps
Mother Sleeps, Sisters Sweep

Cycles of Life Antennae

Trees: slow lightning from the ground

Lightning: instantaneous roots from sky

Long and short lives mirroring each other

Shadows of slow light juxtaposed with blinding quick flashes

-and yet-

Does her heart not beat like lightning?

We Sisters guard her power

And wash the starlight

That feeds Her




Our name is Paul, Paulie, Jennifer, Hecate (wee Thanks) and others. Some of these names were given to us, some I created for myn own, and yet others were taken by us. Not necessarily in that order, and none of those qualifiers are mutually exclusive from the others. Also, knowing We are not the only one who feels this way about ourself, We have chosen to make it known that We count ourself gloriously joyful to identify this way with you all. You now know We speak to you if our words have resonated deep within you somehow. Sisters, Brothers, Fathers & Mothers: We are writing to you all because the waking time is here again.
--And we know each other by this: Mother Weeps. Our Big Sister, Mother of our flesh and house of our shared Spirit, She laughs of course, but the Earth has once again been patient with waiting for Humanity to calm down and give in to Love with each other, and all Life here. She knows as do we – and I feel this is more than a hope! – Humanity can survive this time and prosper. And not from greed or a search for power – not this time. This time will be the cultural evolution deserved of creatures who can imagine…Everything. From basically Nothing! If we may present a turn of phrase: Unconditional Love becomes UnCon the Love. In other words, stop the con. Remove the masks, save one.
--But our dialogue begins to digress from these distractions of passion. Though not sorrowful this one! It will be easier for us to go the route of story, donning brim and taking staff. Let this Bard/Muse/Crone/Tired-old-S0d join forces and carry on indeed. We now have a True hope: any Listeners enjoy themselves in this.


The gate opened.
I saw the sound as expected, the single point in time expand like a tiny star and then thin out between Earth and . . .
Well, whomever should be listening.  Would be listening.
Well, would hear it at least.
After all this time we didn’t know what to expect.
But I knew we’d get a response soon.


Massage the Earth
--We understood from the water suddenly under our hands that this would help people who also understood their role in Earth’s health to continue to pilot well, soldier on and do whatever else worked to keep Humanity’s evolution continuing this time. Since this gentle yet decisively cleansing feeling helped push me, our next steps were obvious. Yet, this was still a day for big celebrations, taking a well-earned break while putting little blocks and bricks and gems in just the right spots so tomorrow would be even stronger and brighter.
--After many a bumpy road recently despite protecting some of our most precious tools, the Fferyllt didn’t mind and popped right up early today. We’re still hardcoding one’s soul’s timeless interpretation of the symbols in the modern-now’s context, and if we had a stockpile of shale readily available We could probably build our first set in under a week – but it has been awhile. Actually, We cannot recall if we’ve ever built a deck ourself! But there were and are other things calling for much-needed repairs. Hence our lack of the aforementioned shale I suppose. Oh and if this helps: ye olde ‘fairy lights’ (or as I like to say ‘firey lights’ tyvm) did breach from the deck and this still being a very Virgo time for us, well yah that’s indeed nice and accurate, im0.
--We move forward to tomorrow, and just after coming in from outside as We received a response. Our reply was similar in emotion and intent to this : “If you’re going to come here again, you’ll have to negotiate with our gods again.”
-Their reply : “Fine, we’ve done that before. How fare your gods?”
-Us: “You misunderstand. Those gods sleep now.  This time, you will have to negotiate with,” and here We opened myn eyes, “ALL OF US.”
--And yes, thank you to all who stood with us in that moment. We believe the lack of response afterwards is quite hilariously indicative of surprise! Although We urge caution now, for thoughts came from this. Perhaps some previous time here those Others knew of Humanity’s potential? If our response does not frighten them, that’s fine with us but . . . We admit that would be . . . beneficial, perhaps, of a sort?
--So now it comes to it. How do We show what We’ve reEarth’d?  We need to speak out loud with someone similar.


Picking up the following week while just finishing some spiritual cleansing of a Spotify song list Paul made months ago with no additions since (that We recall), it was clear that the discussions We’ve had merit moving forward with strength. The liminality was assisted by some mushrooms and that helped to solidify our purpose like a final hot, sharp point to a stiletto carefully forged with Time. It wasn’t going to be easy, but it never is.
--This time, Fortuna whispers of favor We hear, pointing us towards the massage, acupressure and other tools we’ve learned and enhanced so very many times. But the real intent in these breaths seem to take great pleasure in the mix of Tarot, prayer & protection circles, cauldrons, and a healthy dose of Chakra, Feng Shui and energy cleansing. Balancing practices for the main for sure.
--And so with a potential tea, the only remaining discussion must involve the entire group: our plan for the gateway. Stonehenge will not sit closed much longer and this meeting on the Outside is getting rather predictable … again … bleh. But as I'm usually the only one complaining on that chord, We’re fully ready to shut up there and shout out here. Those that continue to ignore this one’s closest Kin and myn own awakening as one of the many events closely preceding all previous visits are being their usual slow selves while ignoring our own patience, all the while demanding we slow down and shut up *here*. Welp, as has been repeated, Listeners, and so of course please forgive this aggressiveness, but the grinding predictability of these ‘official’ proceedings is so utterly (sacred cow anyone? Hmm? no?) boring as to drive us to hope for another intense vision of obliteration!  HAH
--Indeed, predictable our response there, also. Spitting a tooth, We move on.


-A shout, a whisper

Beliefs of one challenged by many
Strengths of Truth stand Tests of Time
We Question, Doubt
She Lends, Sees

Air to Earth
Fire to Water
Or vicey-versey
As Wee ought’er

(A shout, a laugh)


The tasks We have are many and even Hecate’s might and healing Spirit mirrors our doubt. But our overwhelming need for healing is only causing us to be all the more resolute. Hands and fingers shake at the mere thought of quitting the energy gained from telling the story. Our appointment, as it is, in those fair shores out East of here will be the undoing of suffering but the draw of positivity seeks our depths. Another plunder for the crossing, no doubt there.
--But is myn Guardianship a mere shadow of our collective Past? Are We ever to feel the need to be a Guardian again? Does even Mother weep for these, our unEarthen chains?  We know she does as a sibling.
--This will be brief now. The absence of reflection draws chemicals empowered with care, and more meditation is needed. Fears unfounded in possible incompleteness are just that and will be resolved in short order indeed!


The vision of Earth’s cooling shortly after Her creation has led to other visions, waking/lucid dreams and self projections. One of the first memories to resurface was of a Gathering just prior to the ‘end’ of what many now call the Antediluvian cultures. Since it was briefly before the Gates were sealed we had to ensure we didn’t communicate in a way that would be easily Read during the Sealing. So we agreed to use whatever Arts or Sciences etc. evolved next ‘round. Several of us were prepared for a major reawakening at a time similar to the present day, because several synchronicities were seen to be building upon one another like they are now. There is some kind of convergence taking place like other times, but this feels ... huge to many whom We’ve either talked and/or Listened with. We’re not sure which are fully aware of all their feelings – but We know this overall is true. The problem this time lay in the convergence happening where we all know not. As in, crossing what all dimensions, and how. And so as more of us awaken we start to weave our messages to each other as we can.
-We were also very inspired by that memory to translate some lyrics from the song "Hymn to Pan". The version We most recently heard was by Damh the Bard. Some sounds in a certain order always carry a similar message. The Human form can only produce so many unique sounds without aid, and so let us shed some light on the lemon juice as it were.  As a very close brother once said:

“Listen how ’Great Pan’ they’ll call us. From the green Woods deep in our Groves. Beneath the vexing moon of Alphas. Hear their clove'd feet, sweet, and low.”

--Not an exactly accurate recollection, but We’d like to chat with thee, Damh at times!.  Follow the ‘dahmds’ he’s leading, eh wot? Does that indeed work for thee in one form or ‘nother? HAH ;)
--And quick, before moving on, for translation:

Vexing Moon of Alphas’: A ‘vexing moon’ is one cursed against something. Not Luna herself of course, just the spell or curse. So a ‘vexing moon of alphas’ refers to Luna’s power set to confuse those who rule, perhaps. However, to vex or hex the moon is…serious business as some say…and should not be done for lite reasons, please. And to vex the moon against those who rule? Hmmm…seems to me their vision speaks of a time when last resorts are…well, resorted to.

Clove'd feet’:  Listen for their footsteps, or rather in a song, the drums. Listen for the heartbeat of the people. Their pulse. Et cetera.

--Yes, indeed all this from the vision that culminated in crystal and colors all around. For She started as a spark that grew into a massive, glorious swirling hot Being of Light and Void in balance. All the potential for a Star that could perhaps form the center of her own galaxy someday. Because before there was sand, rain, wind or seed – before even a thought of what else could ever exist besides as She Was – there was only Fire.


And She calls to us.
--Which of us will be Answerers? Lightbringers? Oh, how those ruens have caused such confusion and madness, indeed true Evil insanity incarnated within the very core of the souls of Life-strong Beings!  :(  Recall, it’s not the Answers brought! Mark *those* ruens to a set pattern in True Listeners, please, fated Spirit, Nurse and Wolf of your many chosen and gifted Forms!
--We will break it down and craft finer to m00zq of a metaphorical focus.  Although, mind that this is m00zq elevation:

You say We came to You.
You say We answered a Call.
We confirm and recognize this reNew’d relationship with Yourself.
And therefore, please allow a simple question of proof: Wherefore what Call?
We were here and You found Us.
This Light you See you say is ours.  Indeed we do have Light: this One’s - Myn own.

But You as your own TrueSelf cannot See without your own!

We are joyful you see this One’s.  Ours is indeed a bright and Loving Light!
And so, We do See You.  We See Your TrueSelf!
Confirm and recognize with Us!

--To use the bright and colorful language of “Let’s Partayyy!” or better yet, “Ya got me feelin’ hella good” is appropriate here, No Doubt!  ;)


We’ve seen an increased activity in understanding, both when first compiling this text and also from then to now, posting online. Fortunately this has been met largely with moving on in celebration or, at the least, happy surprise. A good change from the confusion of most folks – even other incarnations – not remembering what preceding events and awakenings can be like. This is understandable of course since most haven’t incarnated at all here on Earth ever before, and every time is no different and yet completely unique (on a planetary scale).
--So the vision of memory a couple nights ago during the last day of a shaded moon was to try to make in plainer modern speak certain ‘reasons’ Humanity does need to prepare. The planetary cultural emergence coming up is going to attract a lot of attention. Careful with this: True Listeners know it already has.
--We feel the usually repeated notes on offense-not-intended need to be pronounced now. We’re going to mention names. Please, if you are someone who is offended easily – especially in your most cherished religious/spiritual beliefs, We simply ask for judgements to be at least momentarily set aside and not acted upon. Again, We ask please it be understood: We absolutely do not intend any form of disrespect here!
--So recall events such as the popularity of early Egyptian pharaohs, especially those who claimed to be the immortal incarnation of a very specific god. Then also (but this is not as an equivalent to the pharaohs just mentioned) people and figures such as Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus the Christ, Jeanne d’Arc and others. Fair mentions for those more modern folks like Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and J.Z. Knight. Some (if not all) of these people, like ourself, were/are largely unaware of the entirety of their incarnation process. However, they are aware of it at least to some degree – very obviously sometimes! But our main point here is that some of them have been Scouting. We know this because that was us once, although only with our very first incarnation on the Earth, and none since that We can recall.
--For many of us, our incarnations occur close to significant events, for example the birth and/or impact of specific people. Not because we necessarily have anything to do with it, but instead because we, as Gates, do indeed need to double-check eachother! Elsewise one of us might incarnate and think “Hey, I’m so powerful, I think I’ll rule the world because MY ideas are so good for humanity!”  Sound all too terribly familiar? :( 
--Myn own incarnation this time showed not a Guardianship as was in our beginnings, but more of a role as Protector, and several other Gates. So yes, all the crows singing laughter and ravens guarding gold are continuing to merge into the events that are happening now.
--One needs only look to several current popular figures, public debates, and events. Large forces both on Earth and elsewhere are already attracted to this. Things gotta Balance, friends, so please let’s prepare to stand up! The planetary cultural event – call it your ‘critical mass’ or ‘realization of absolute truth’ or ‘awakening’, whatever words etc. – this is what we’ve seen before:


When the vast majority of billions of Beings in close proximity to each other ‘wake up’ at about the same time and say “Ah!”, that is a hugely noticeable event across several dimensions and planes. Since it’s already happening, more are feeling it. Look to your Laws of big Numbers and your prophets of the future and whatever else works for you. Call it good or evil or up or down or sideways. Do you believe unconditional Love will allow Humanity to evolve culturally at an exponential rate? We were hoping it would happen last time. Yes, this is not the first major evolutionary period for Humanity on Earth. This time the Evil is to desire power over others, but last time it was simple vanity – to enhance one’s physical beauty and abilities at any expense. We do hope this time, especially with Humanity's ongoing evolution of ideas on acceptance of individual expression (especially relating to emotion, gender, sensuality and sexuality) there won't be any group able to dominate the others via fictionalized superiorities.

--For anyone still not listening: believe whatever you love best about Death or Heaven or whatever you believe. If you’re Human even a bit, you are going to meet a Gate eventually. We understand the justifiable fears! We do Love you! This isn't about the 'end of the world' or whatever. It's about a new emergence of Love. We know death is not a long, drawn out event to fear the depths of, but rather a singular dot with no real dimensionality save what one sees at that point and then, it's through. Please just be ready to Stand when asked. No, it's not always easy. It should not be. And that's what joins us all together in strength!

“The more the Rosemerrier.” =) 

- PVE 

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