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The Life Within

Listening to the Forest sounds

The Life within feels like kin

Appears to be around

Our Love of Life and Lessons of the Knife


Calls and leaps from fowls and beasts

Cowls of those far brighter by night

The atmosphere itself breathes

And Hope is sheathed

In thorns and needles ever needed


Paths of those lain down before stained

With blood of berry sweet and chains

Of feathered seeds to bury deep

For roots to grow and then disperse

More chained messengers to Earth


Oh! Trees my friends, your calloused lens

Of the Wind and leaves on ends

Our fractal reachings do entwine for teachings

Of how deep the roots must grow to keep

Sacred channeled Love among the Groves


And to Rest awhile and smile

Beguiling priestesses and priests not far from beasts

Our ivy vines like wine to thine own happiness

For We indeed never rest, We must confess

As the Life We see everglows to eternity

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