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Live and Love

You chose to question why humanity even exists

You needed a reason to be alive

You sought proof for why it’s even important to love

And care for each other

No surprise to me that you invented gods

Maybe there are other beings

Not exactly human like us, not non-human, either

Or maybe utterly beyond our human comprehension

Somewhere besides Earth mostly, or living here

Or they’ve never really been here at all

At least, in the same ways we all experience this place

It doesn’t matter though:

THAT is what you have chosen to ignore --

All this time

It doesn’t matter what has come before

It doesn’t matter what will happen next

Because if you keep on choosing to ignore

The facts that

You don’t need a reason to exist

You don’t need a reason to live

You don’t need a reason to love

And care for each other --

If that’s your choice

Then you’ll keep needing gods

And that is fine

Whoever or whatever your gods are

May they fit into what you need for your

Reasons, and

Justifications, and


For living and loving

Because it doesn’t matter to us

If they exist or not

If you can ever know them or not

If they have any control over you or not

I truly just hope

Your own knowing that

Your gods are real

Gives you comfort

And helps you sleep at night


We’ll be keeping watch

On you

And your gods

Because our only

Reason, and

Justification, and


For living and loving

Is to try to keep it going

As long as we can

As long as we want to

So rest assured

We have an eye out

Just in case

You and your gods


To try to force us

To stop

Before we’re ready

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