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The Butterfly People

They came in through the sky

Diving deep into the atmosphere

They were welcomed by the Earth

And all the kinder creatures here


Their companions and familiars

Found friendship never known before

They decided this love should be nourished

They left their companions here to grow


The people of the Earth

Were so happy to have new friends

They spent all their time with them

They started blending children

And their children

Are they what we are today?


The humans missed the sky

Told themselves they were meant to fly

Dreamed of never having to die

Thought they were greater

Than the Butterfly


We are one!

We each are strong!

We all are more

Than what the ones who've come before

Could ever know

Or do they now know?


The spirits brought to Earth

Built towers and dreamed of rebirth

Didn't they feel it was already here?

Did the butterflies within them still hear?

The waking time was near.


Are you a butterfly, people?

We all love to fly, so fly people!

Begin your new life, people!

Let your spirits fly, people!


We are one!

We each are strong!

It doesn't matter if we're more

Than what the ones who've come before

The stars they brought to these shores

Still shine a light they know.

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