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Abnormal Beauty Addiction

I said

You're Beautiful

And didn't mean to scare you

You said

Intent is Everything

And didn't realize my intensity

Just because I want to hold onto

Your Strength

I never want you to flow

Against the ways you know

We work

Well together

So others can play


We move

Dodging buzzes

(Words caught in my throat)


You wave them away

Just like *

So magic that breath

(All I really needed)

I want to hold on, yet,

To you it doesn't have to mean anything else

Tearing down *some* old ways?

Moving *through* some gateways?

*Building* up some new phrase..?

Turning tearing up

To Joy

I said

"You're Beautiful"

You called me


It was

Just the conversation

I want to let go, yet,

The sight of your eyes

And my vision of freedom

What was and is

All coming together

To new ways

We all can Live

And Love

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