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Life From Death

Over Out and Through

We miss her

Our little sister

We weep for her and hers


And as She, our Mother, our Big Sister, fully awoke

Our duty was to send thanks and praise to the Creators

Our peoples, our forebears

The Others keeping an eye out as it were

And they came with joy and more thanksgiving

Sending us back praise and heartfelt love for the undertaking


Little did We know their plans

The seeds of Life long kept for this purpose

Our Big Sister was prepared

And before We could beg to differ

She was ripped apart

A massive birth torn asunder

To create anOther, distant yet not far

The same shore yet only viewable from here


Her, our little sister, sits dead

Encircling us for eternity

Her mere presence enough

For those who cared not

To toil at better methods for





Flows of Nurturing


Little Sister

We weep for thee

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