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The room manifests

Sterile white

Then filled with yellow tile

And marble pillars

She is there curled on the floor

Naked, on her side

Her long, thick braid

By her waist

As if she laid herself down

To sleep

We walk forward

My Spirit above me

My Desire ahead of me

Where is my Ego?

As if summoned,

She comes crashing through the ceiling next to me

Massive, giant

But then shrinks to the size of my toe

I bend and pick her up

And place her

On my left shoulder

I look up

And the figure on the floor is no more

We know she has run up the stairs

We walk, float and follow

There is a room on our right

Floor to ceiling glass, naturally frosted

Yellow glow from the cold inside

We’re continuing around the room

And down a hallway

(It’s like a maze)

Where a multiflowered

Multicolored wreath

Marks the way

We pass it

And turn towards the doors

They will not open

Neither quick nor slow

Forced or gently

So we pass through

Spirit and Desire dissipate

Ego is already gone

The fog clears

And the curled figure is there at my feet

As they have always been

I pick her up

And hold her close to my chest

I look up

A surge of power from us

And all maze walls


A new

Open Field


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