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A Peace of Truth

Once there was a person named Aom, also known as Spirit.

Aom liked to think of beautiful things like the sky, animals playing,

and herself.

Aom thought:

“How does the sky change between day and night?”

“How am I different from the animals?”

“How can I think these things?”

Adwa, also known as Ego, joined Aom.

Adwa liked to organize things so he thought they became more beautiful.

Adwa said:

“Good questions! I think it is because we’re smarter than the sky,

the day and night,

and the animals.

So we can protect them and make them better.”

Beld, also known as Root, joined them.

Beld liked to simply relax and laugh and play games.

Beld said:

“Everything is so beautiful!

I love playing with the animals, and I wish I could fly in the sky!

Yes, Adwa, let’s do what we can

to keep everything beautiful.”

Spirit then said:

“I need to think about this.

And yes, we need to do what’s best for beauty.”

Ego then said:

“We are in agreement! We will all do what’s best to make things even more beautiful.”

Root then said:

“As long as everything is happy and at peace.

And yes, we should think about this more.”

And they all went away happy and at peace,

feeling sure beauty would be preserved



I can see

my Root to the Earth

my Ego in my head

my Spirit in my heart

I can move them one way or another
whenever I want

yet I am most

at peace

when they are all



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