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I'm Only We

I met her Sunday

His name was Franky

The world kept revolving

What a mess!

That day, that Page, that strange

Mix of emotions and lists of signs

Symbols, Runes

(just circles and lines)

Playing on our faces

And all the neverending games

With no rules done right!

The Moon fooled us players

Without clarity of night sight

Like the school garden

Time to close that bet

(It hadn’t happened yet)

Because it’s far too close

Too far to keep forever

Teach us and we’ll listen

Listing into



I’ve never wanted anything like how we are now

Please! I screamed!

Don’t let this fly away

Stay, Here, With me

Because we’ve been out of time before

And There

We’ve been together forever

And you and I know

When it happens again

We’ll never know when it is

Coming together

We’re ready


And Off we Go


Mother listens to the children

Sister knows them

Mother weeps for those who

(and Sister cries: Wretches! Reckoning!)

Taught the children lies

So fine don’t you stay and cry

With us

If you’ve no time

For us

We’d love to tuck you in Forever

We’re already here with you

Watching & Waiting

Loving & Laughing

Feeling, then Fleeting

Our root stems and feathers


All (hate? lies?)

Bared teeth behind myn eyes

We all always have our answers

Justice! To see

The other side


Looking back slowly

Don’t regret a thing

(Except intended pain)

There isn’t any blame

(Too far – don’t hit your head on the glass)

Just that perfect, perfect sand


Quick, I have to tell you:

His name wasn’t Franky

That was just us

Playing with our favorite toy

The most serious fun we’d ever known

Please someone tell ‘em

Maybe next time they’ll know

That perfect, perfect sand

So rough and smooth

Infinitesimally small and universally quaint

Oceans in oceans, helping us with You


Desire not hope for despair

Balance in the air

All things being equal, she said

(I’ll just shake my derriere)


So that’s all we are

And the tears of

Our laughing and their weeping

Slide through our body, washing

And yes we know we have had to wait again

The distant memory of our star

The Love long left

Not Alone!

Simply … lonely?

…from time to time…



I’m back

Let’s have another round

(On us)

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