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Weird Woman

Dressed in Purple

Wants to take me to a midnight show

Witches Dancin’

With the Weather

About a little town that we both know


Sky is Golden but the

Trees are Purple

Green and Yellow won’t be seen no more

Red’s the Color

Of Perception

Behind a Doorway rooted to the Floor


Blues Singer

Violet Purple

Says, “It’s been done, man, what’s the Future for?”

Butterfly People

Shout together

“We thank you for the Love.  Do you want more?”


So what’s your Earth?

Purple People Eaters

What value is your Life?

What protects and provides the most

That’s what you’re made of.


So this my Earth

Shining so many colors

Place of our birth

Neverending blending hearts

Neverending healing starts

The Healing Starts

Healing Starts

Healing Stars



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