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m00zq (as a Language)

Basically, m00zq is how We (Paulie VE) find the most joyful harmony and peace in communications. Describing our feelings on this is...challenging!...while attempting to ensure that description causes the least amount of harm to any Reader. Please note that We do not assume nor pretend to own any form of m00zq as a *concept*. The mere thought of a single person or other entity "owning a concept" (as in, "it's mine/ours and no one else's") is rather abhorrent to Us, given Human thoughts are already conglomerations of all we've experienced. In other words, while We believe there are indeed 'original' ideas in a sense, We feel it is folly to think one's Life is completely an island in Reality. Indeed the main intention in posting this info online is to share it completely with anyone who feels a connection with it! The only m00zq We (as Paul/Paulie Edward Benjamin) "own" would be legally copyrighted etc. as such. If you require further clarity, please do reach out to Us using the email link in the Footer below!

And so:


Classification: Language

Ruenwerk: m00zq is based almost completely on the word ‘music’. Further explanation can be found in its use as an Entertainment Experience.  However, its creator (Paulie VE) likes to think of it as something akin to "Make One's Own, Zen Quiet", as the inevitability of its ongoing evolution is felt to be best appreciated when one experiences it on one's own terms and then ponders that for a bit, perhaps.

Description: m00zq is a conglomeration of most (if not all) known&recorded forms of communication that have ever existed and currently exist as of today.  It utilizes, at least, all known Human physical motion (internal and external) to express thoughts, dreams and ideas.  While many detailed parts of its formative communications (for example, the English language) are incorporated to at least some small degree, it’s felt to be able to include almost all (if not literally all) due to the attention to drawing – almost exclusively as appropriate – on the greatest sums of each of the formatives’ own expressions.



Classification: Entertainment Experience

Ruenik Origins: Predominantly Earthen Human Anglo, with the most roots in the local cultures commonly described as 'western' and 'middle eastern'

Ruens: small common m, number zero (0), number zero (0), small common z, small common q

Ruenwerk: m00zq is based almost completely on the Earthen Human word ‘music’ (pronounciation: m-yoo-s-eh-k), with the z for ‘zeitgeist’ and the q for ‘quasar’ (as defined by QuiMera) and with the two number zeros denoting any/all of the following:

  1. An entity's eyes

  2. The number 8

  3. The Human mathematical symbol for infinity

  4. 2 cells in balance and in the state of either the first point of joining or the last point of dividing

Pronunciation: myoossk, or faster: moosk; either way, said with a quick, tight exhale of breath, yet with passion and force.


  1. m00zq can be used as an equal in all ways to its primary predecessor, music.  However it has the advantage of being used to express almost any experience (not simply sound, as is usually with music) that one finds entertaining.  This can be from a simple succinct happiness to something immensely powerful.  For example, when paired with other physical subtleties that hint at potential pleasure, it is a potent Ace (also, 'Sing'le Ace'; see Holistic Tools: Tarot).

  2. ‘music’ is arranged and used, in part, as a deference to timeless creatures (see Arcane Mysteries: The Muses) that inspire time-locked beings to create.

  3.  It is important to note that if one chooses to create m00zq, incorporation of the aforementioned deference should be felt from the very earliest of relevant inspirations, and therefore, appropriate effort should be made to bridge outside perceived temporal measurements, at least from the creators' point of view.


  1. Elevation: 'm00zq elevation' refers to the creators’ intention to convey such great importance of learning they’ve gained from the creation as to know it can greatly pass knowledge to another.  However, the creators should also intend that the level of importance is ultimately defined by the one experiencing the m00zq.

    1. EXAMPLE: Earth Human Physical m00zq elevation is commonly understood to achieve increased potential in at least 1 entity other than a creator of a specific m00qz, in both a PhysicalComplete state of Being and an often addition of at least Sing’le Spirit. Otherwise, the term elevation should not be used.

  2. Focus: 'm00zq focus' refers to the original medium, if the creators' intention was for the experience to be only a single medium.  However, this is a rather loose requirement as even the term 'single medium' can, at times, incorporate multiple mediums if each of those can each be experienced apart from the others.

    1. EXAMPLE: Until very recently, default Earth Human m00zq were primarily an unbalanced binary Visual/Audible.  Therefore, their m00zq focus was expected to be almost completely one or the other, or, at best, with one as well over half the experience.  However, the recent (as of their Julian calendar year of ~2000 C.E.) exponential increase in the ongoing evolution to incorporate more ConsumeTaste, PhysicalTouch, and Scent into m00zq there has been joyfully significant.

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