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Earth Star, Heart Root

One pebble

A drop




Dreams at cross purposes

Won’t relieve the pain or restlessness

Striving to make known the ways

She has us breathless

She’s never left us

You can leave, she has us


All those times you said you’d take me

Where did you go?

We sit and ponder

Your contentment

In the afterglow


Spirit tripped on Body talk

Wandering betwixt the sounds

Feel the air surrounding

A Spirit walk

No time to stalk


Pass the clock

Summon Soul and banish earth

Moving towards renewed rebirth

In between the realms unseen

Creation of silken starbeams


Flying now low before We go

Trod a gravelly path to dwell

Beyond the veil yet under dell

It isn’t very far to show

We have seen it, this we know

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