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Positively Morning

Light brightens

But the air is cold

And we meet

The first time I saw you

(2 pigtails, a smile on rosey cheeks, so warm)

‘What’s your name?’

Knowing it was so much

So very much to ask

Of you

I didn’t know why


Rain falls

But I feel lighter than air

And you’re ahead of me

Up the steps and through a door

(Clouds, not stairs; A pause at the portal)

‘Wait for me!’

Knowing I cannot move

I can’t … yet …

It’s too much

Too much to bare


Laughter shines

And we fly together!

You and I showing

High and low going

(Your planes, my skates: blended and merged)

‘This is Heaven’

Knowing you know me

But it’s slipping away

So soon

Did we love and trust too soon?


Love in motion

Flipping the slipping

Words with 4 friends

I believe! it begins

(Not fearing an end, moving on again)

‘We’ve always been’



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