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Hymn to HECATE

Great Lady

Guide of our dreams

Guardian of our treasures

Protector of our wholesomeness

We address and confirm You

We ask your wisdom

We cherish your presence

We seek your favour

And pray our actions and intentions

You see as worth your sight


Great Lady

Holder of our Spirit

Lightbringer to our doorways

Knower of the questions

We humbly beg you

Nurse our wounds

Watch over our rest

Show us the healing ways

Deep within your power

We do feel your movements


Great Lady

Mother of our flesh

Sisters of our passions

Goddesses of our destinies

We only wish to move with you

We hope our songs bring you joy

We know our desires bring you comfort

We laugh as our dancing awakens you

In us

And all around all of us


Bright, Loving, Kind

Hecate of Power and Might

Shaper, Seer and Gateway

Hecate of Knowledge and Mystery

Liminal Antediluvian One

Pathways for devotions

Confusion for seekers

Death for fear

Triplication for crossroads

Immeasurable meanings

To Time


We are

Steadfast in Journeys

Thanks to Your ways

Joyful in Celebrations

Thanks to Your examples

Strong in Conflict

Thanks to Your lessons

Learning to Love those that need it

Turning Hate to those that show it

Thanks to Your neverending


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