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The Commons;
aka The Launching Pad;
aka Trope-o-Dope

The blossoming of knowing Mother’s sorrow

The giving in to her delights

Of never knowing where to turn to

Because all heaven is Day and Night

There is no Other place to go

Until the Feeling makes it so

Spiraling antennae fractal towards each other

Our Sister dances not far

Away from the Center of What Was

On the Shores of the Distance Cape

O the Distance to that Shore

O the ever closeness of More


And I break

Down to the Earth again

Feeling so Strong again

She lets me go Free because She Knows

She is All I need


Giants among humans

Flying throughout all the dailies


You Feel it again?




Chant in the Ways you Know

The Spirits are Finding their Growing Out

And if all Existence is always connected, then with each and every breath anything makes – any movement at all – there is an equal and opposite so-to-speak movement.  Yet that is felt throughout Existence simultaneously.  So, any knowledge one may have of a breath in, if one considers the breath out simultaneously, then practice that for every breath one experiences, one may feel closer to Eternal Heaven and/or Oneness with one’s belief in a God-type idea, etc.  Details only really matter for an individual, pause and question when one feels called to harm, and I believe we can all live together peacefully like that. Tis a beautiful thing to me and no small surprise!
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