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One Quint to anOther

Sitting calmly-yet-not quite relaxed enough to sleep in the seat just right of the aisle, he’s noticing again how pleasant the lighting on the jet is. The usual tiny ceiling bulbs for personal space reading offer the usual randomized white hot dots throughout the cabin. Their glows dancing as his head bobs a bit from the usual currents of air offering the not-quite-unusual rhythms to lull one into a dozy peace if not, at least, the usual uneasy daze. This time, though, before the daze gets too deep, Leaf admires the tight blue ceiling ring light that runs the length of the cabin. Up one side of the baggage compartments and down the other, from row 1 in First Class all the way back to the landing pad for the stern restroom, it is a long oval about 10 cm across. And it glows the hot of that heat most intensely dangerous, yet by its color, both known and felt as so focused and calming: blue-white. ‘Ah, as with the Singers when most safe and protected by the Sound,’ thinks Leaf. As he simultaneously somewhat says this thought aloud, too, so an Attendant steps by his side. Turning towards Leaf and meeting their gaze, JayZee smiles and of course, here you are, friend. Leaf is graciously and demurely accepting the KyæLH bar, so overjoyed it is to see you! And the wondrous moment passing as they continue on their journeys. Leaf’s relaxation is deepening a bit more as he gazes down the aisle, now clear to the cockpit. The door is open, which is strange, but not uncommon. Why are the spiraling blue beams from inside seeming odd, though? It’s so natural and that is exactly why a quick 40 winks, as was used to say, will do for now. After about an hour, ‘Ah, that was JayZee, of course!’ he’s thinking now. And Leaf looks at the wrapper, now nearly empty, and is remembering the awesome feeling of acceptance, approval, happiness and a Love so shared like they’ve never felt before. ‘Again, this is the perfect timing,’ he nods within. And looks forward to the next challenge with growing strength of purpose.

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