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Shaman's Way

And now comes initiation

Fiery womb of imagination

New knowledge gained within the treasure

Of finding moves to express pleasure

Trumpeting sounds and whispers still

Upon the wind of diamonded will


Rain will show the open way

Tumbled through and soaked this day

We awake to new appreciation of totems made

Within the grounding of our soul

Earth to marry a royal toil

No cause for celebration

Or revelation

Simply power of manifestation


The chant begins, the drums are sounded

Safety in our familial surroundings

Thunder booms at fire’s delight

Waves of love blossom bright

Begin the numbered cause for truth

Every song touch tongue and tooth


And now! What mighty sights are shown!

When in the quiet thoughts were sown

Our dance releases kinder things

Which reach within, without

Webs of strings

Playful charming emotion surrounds

Shouting winds through leaves

Clapping hands and prancing knees


We cannot settle down with this

This light’s alive!  Knot emptiness

The touch and mild yet strong caress

Of breath - it is our Spirit’s best

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