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Blue Skies

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The shooting star falls to Earth

Bringing messages of hope and destruction

“It’s happened before,” she says

And turns towards me

And looks into my eyes

So beautiful

So sad

So glorious in the inevitability of everything

There is no pain in the end

There is no Good, No Evil

Not even a place between

“It’s what it is,” she says

And turns away from me

And looks into the sky

Where the star used to be

Where a new one will one day form

Where now there is nothing, and yet . . .

Everything comes together

We reach our hands, already intertwined

In, then out, then up, then down

“It will never be the same,” she says

And we turn away

And find each other again

In another place

In another time

And reach out for our stars

“That will be 1 Faith, pls.”

-Here you go.

“Sorry, your Faith is no good here.”

-Oh! Just turn it over...see?

“Ah! Well and good then! Apologies: it is not often we find such a token."

-Of course.  Enjoy the view.

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